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Moong Dal Chaat-Salad

Chaat is a common snack/appetizer usually served chatpata (or hot'n'spicy) in different forms and flavors in different parts of India. From roadside shops to hors-d'oeuvres menu in fine dining restaurants, you can find a variety of ingredients and spices served in the form of chaats. Chaats can be very light, hearty and nutritious if you choose the right kind of clean, wholesome ingredients. What I have here today is such a quicknhealthy chaat in the form of a salad. As usual, quicknhealthy recommends using wholesome, organic ingredients as much as possible. 
Moong Dal - 1 cup (soaked for a few hours)Apple - 1 medium Raw green mango - 1/2Carrot  - 1 mediumCoriander (Cilantro) chopped - 2 Tbs Mint chopped - 2 TbsRaisins/craisins - a small handfulChaat masala - 1 1/2 TspSea salt - as per tasteRoasted pumpkin seeds - a handful Roasted sunflower seeds  - a handfulAlmond crackers - a handful  (roughly crushed with hands) (optional) 
Directions: Boil 2-3 cups of water…

Pumpkin Halwa ‘Cheesecake’

East meets west in New England :-) I love fusion desserts and here is a variation of one of my favorites, Carrot Halwa 'Cheesecake', but instead of carrots I substituted with Pumpkin to make the 'Pumpkin Halwa Cheesecake'. My local farmer experiments with new varieties of some veggies and always gives me a sample to try out. Last week I was given this new variety of pumpkin called 'Red October' and asked me to try it out and see what I can make out of it. 'Red October' has a nice unique color and a different texture (little starchy) than the usual pumpkin, so the first thing that came to my mind was dessert. Gave a slice of my 'cheesecake' back to my farmer and they loved it :-).

For pumpkin halwa base: Pumpkin - 2 1/2 cups (grated and packed)Organic unrefined sugar - 1/2 cupCardamom - 4-5 pods (skinned and crushed)Almond milk -  1/2 cupFor 'cheese'cake: Raw cashew nuts - 1 1/2 cups (Preferably soaked for a couple of hours)Coconut oil - 1/4…

Szechuan Shrimp and Cauliflower

Happy Chinese New Year!!! We are celebrating Chinese new year day with probably my first venture into Chinesecuisine. I decided to go with Szechuan region, which is known for the hot'n'spicy dishes. I had to make my own version of a Szechuan sauce to work with the ingredients that I had in my pantry and to stick to my quicknhealthy standards. I also made another even simpler everyday Chinese dish which is Chinese Okra and Egg Stir Fry, both served with rice. That is for another day and another post :-)

For Szechuan sauce:
Rice - 1 Tbs (soaked for a few hours)Red chilly - 4-5Garlic - 3-4 clovesNama shoyu - 2 TbsToasted sesame oil - 2 Tbs Apple cider vinegar - 1 Tbs Sea salt - as per taste Directions:
Using a mortar and pestle, crush/grind the soaked rice, garlic and red chilly to a paste. You can add a couple of tablespoons of water to aid the process. Transfer the paste to a small bowl, add the remaining ingredients and whisk well. For the main dish: 
Wild caught shrimp - about 10 …

Redsgullas - the Red Rasgulla

Here's a V-Day special Rasgulla !!! If you are looking for a regular Rasgulla recipe, you can just do a google search and find a bunch of recipes with pretty much same the set of directions. Make paneer, knead and divide into balls, simmer in sugar syrup and serve. I follow the same process, just that I am adding a couple of deviations to make it colorful and flavorful for valentine's day ;-), and of course I use clean, organic ingredients. Quick'n'healthy always believe in serving the best quality desserts in small servings :-)

Organic grass-fed milk - 6 cupsLemon juice - 1/4 cup Beet root - 1 small Unrefined cane sugar - 1 1/2 cupsRose water - 2 Tbs
Heat milk on low medium heat, when it is starts to boil, stir in the lemon juice to curdle the milk. Switch off and let it stand for about 2 minutesLine a large strainer with cheese cloth or just a plain clean muslin cloth and pass the curdled milk thru to collect the curd. Pour a plain cold water t…