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Cranberry Season

The only things I knew that could be made out of cranberries were the cranberry juice and cocktails. Few years back one of my friends introduced me to cranberry pickle. That’s when I realized that cranberry has a similar taste as gooseberries (Nellikka or Amla as we call it in India) and started experimenting a lot with cranberries. Cranberries are supposed to be rich in Vitamin C and Anti Oxidants. Why not make use of it while it is available.

Cranberry-banana sauce1 Cup Cranberries
2-4 T Cane sugar
1/3 cup water
3-4 Ripe bananas
Extra Vergin olive oil - 2 T

Boil water and sugar for a minute.
Add cranberries and continue boiling on medium heat till all cranberries are popped and liquid thickens.
Chop bananas really fine and mix into the sauce. Mix in Olive oil.
Serve with toast, pancakes or waffles.
Serves 4 people.

Cranberry-cabbage chutneyCranberry - 1 Cup
Cabbage - 1/2 medium
Channa Dal - 2 T
Urad Dal - 2 T
Peanuts - 2 T (Optional)
EV Olive Oil - 1 T
Chilly powder - as per taste
Salt - as per tast…

Quick Stove-top Oats Granola

We are all used to oats porridge as a breakfast, but how about a variation which is dry and more like a stovetop soft granola. This is more like how we prepare poha(or aval) in  Indian homes. 

Ingredients:Oats - 2 cup (old fashioned)Walnuts/Almonds - 1/2 cupDates chopped - 3-4Organic milk - 1/2 - 3/4 cupBananas/ripe plantains/Apples - 1 chopped (optional) Directions:Dry roast oats and walnuts together on medium heat, when nice aroma comes out add chopped dates and add milk.Remove from flame and keep covered for 10 -15 minutes. Serve warm as is or with bananas. My husband and son loves this mixed with chopped bananas or ripe plantains.