November 19, 2012

Vegan - Raw - CheeseCake ??

Akku and I love cheesecake, but we do not want to indulge in a piece of real 'cheese' cake because of many reasons (not going to list them here).  Jyo does not like the idea of cheese itself.  So, I was looking for a  not really cheese 'cheesecake' idea, and was glad to find ideas in some of the raw food websites. 

Crust :
Hazelnut - 2/3 cup
Dates - 3-4 (Medjool dates - pitted)
Himalayan salt - a pinch
Cashew nut - 1 cup ( soaked for couple of hours)
Lemon juice - 1/4 cup
Coconut oil - 1/4 cup
Organic wildflower honey - 1/4 cup
Himalayan salt - a pinch

Grease two 4 inch spring form pans with coconut oil.

For Crust: Pulse the ingredients for crust into a coarse meal. Divide and press into the bottom of the pans, keep refrigerated till filling is ready.

For filling:
Drain the cashews, discard the soaked water.
Melt coconut oil in a bowl kept over boiling water.
Blend all ingredients to get a smooth cream cheese like consistency.
Divide and fill into prepared crusts.
Freeze for 2-3 hours.
Keep it outside for 20-30 minutes before serving.

1 comment:

  1. Nice!! - this i gotta try. I am not a big fan of cheesecakes - the ones in CT are especially cloying but I do like cheese. We will try this out after Rema/Seshu come back from India.


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