December 17, 2012

Bulgur Salad with Sprouted Lentils

I had recently learnt that its easier to sprout split lentils than to sprout whole lentils. I have been trying it for some time now. This recipe is a marriage between bulgur Tabbouleh and Sprouts Sundal :-)

Split lentils - 1/2 cup
Bulgur wheat - 1/2 cup
Spinach - 2 cups
Tomato - 2
Raisins - 1/2 cup
Green chilly - 1-2
Cilantro - 4-5 stems
Lemon juice - from half lemon about 2 tbsn
EV Olive oil - 1 tbsn
Sea salt as per taste

To sprout split lentils I soak them for about 12 + hours changing water every 4-5 hours. You will start to see the sprouting in the first 4-5 hours. Drain when ready to use.
Soak the bulgur wheat and raisins overnight with one cup of water. Bulgur will expand, soaking up all the water. Then it is ready to go into the salad, with no need of any cooking.
Dice the tomatoes, and chop spinach, green chillies and cilantro. Toss them with soaked bulgur and sprouts.
Mix the olive oil, lemon juice and salt together and add it to the salad and mix well.

You can also pop 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds and a pinch of asephoetida in a tspn of olive oil to season the salad. This will enhance all the flavors.

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