March 9, 2013

Raw Strawberry Avocado Chocolate Mousse

This is a real quick dessert using no refined sugar/flour. This is raw, wholesome and can please kids and adults. Who will not like a chocolate mousse if there is no guilt involved? To top it all, it is ready in five minutes :)

Strawberries - 3/4 cup frozen
Medjool Dates - 5 pitted
Raw Cocoa Powder- 2 Tbs.
Avocado - 1
Strawberries - few fresh for topping

Add frozen strawberries and dates to a blender and blend at high speed stirring frequently until fine and smooth.
Add cocoa powder and continue to blend till mixed well.
Add avocado meat and just blend at a lower speed just till mixed well and everything is nice and creamy.
Serve immediately topped with strawberries. Enjoy!

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