June 1, 2013

Sunny Peach Ice-cream

Finally summer is here... time for frozen treats. What better way to welcome summer than  a scoop of freshly made peach ice cream. Inspiration is from 'Peach Cobbler' from Ben & Jerry's, but this version is made with simple, plant based, raw and organic ingredients. You just need a little bit of planning to freeze the fruits and soak the nuts/seeds.

  • Peach - 2 - Sliced and frozen
  • Banana - 1 - well ripened -  Sliced and frozen
  • Raw almonds - a handful
  • Raw cashew nuts - a handful
  • Raw pumpkin seeds - a handful
  • Raisins - a handful (I used hunza raisins)
  • Soak the nuts/seeds/raisins in filtered water for a few hours. Keep refrigerated while soaking so that your ice cream does not melt while making.
  • When ready to make, add the frozen fruits to a high speed blender or food processor. Drain the nuts/seeds/raisins and add it to the blender too. (Reserve the water used for soaking, just in case you need to add a little bit for the blender - I use VitaMix and it runs very well with frozen stuff)
  • Run the blender/food processor, stop and scrape the sides as required. Don't over blend the mix to avoid it becoming a nice smoothie:).
  • Serve immediately and enjoy :)

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