October 13, 2013

Aloe Apple Cider Refresher

My husband is the juice man at our home. He comes up with a lot of wonderful combinations that give us a nutritional blast every morning. We have come a long way from the citrus juicer, to the centrifugal juicer to latest masticating juicer. On weekdays we have a full glass of vegetable juice with a combination of greens (kale/collard/spinach/celery), veggies (carrots/cucumber/zucchini/peppers) and herbs (cilantro/mint/basil) along with some ginger & lemon. On weekends though, he goes a little easy and adds some fruits to the blend to make it more interesting and to make it exciting for our son.

We have been reading about the healing, therapeutic and nutritional benefits of aloe and found that the best way to consume it is to add it to your juices. So what he does is take the flesh out of the aloe leaf, and chop up and add it to the fresh juice. This one is the best so far, keeping the apple cider tradition of the fall season going, which is also my son's favorite drink during the fall season.

  • Apples - 5-6 (Variety of juicy apples)
  • Mint - 4-5 stems
  • Aloe - pulp from one leaf

  • Take pulp from the Aloe leaf and chop up and keep aside.

  • Take Apple juice using a your choice of juicer/blender.
  • Add mint towards end of juice making.
  • Add the chopped aloe pulp. 
  • Serve immediately or keep refrigerated and serve chilled. 
  • This make about 6 cups of juice. 
  • You can also add ginger, lime, lemon .. go creative :-) 
  • Go ahead and try this. Your body and skin will thank you :-)

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    1. Oh wow does this sound amazing! I've never actually worked with raw aloe. Time for me to get brave! Thanks so much for sharing this at Raw Foods Thursdays!

      1. Thanks Heather, yes go ahead and try this.. it is so easy and the fresh aloe in juice tastes far far better than the bottled versions that we had tried before :-)


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