December 26, 2013

Snowhite Tender Coconut Chia Breakfast Pudding

Want a perfect after Christmas breakfast? Here is a pure breakfast that you can have after a heavy dinner on the previous night. This can also be very good to break your cleansing fast because it is so pure, mild, light, and yet full of energy. It is made with minimal pure ingredients - tender coconut (meat and water) and organic chia seeds. For anyone who enjoys the simple and pure taste, this is the ultimate breakfast. This also happens to be my husband's favorite breakfast.

  • Chia seeds - 4 Tbs.
  • Water from a tender coconut 
  • Meat from a tender coconut

  • Take half of the water(about a cup) from coconut and soak chia seeds for an hour or so. ( You can also soak overnight)
  • Take out meat from coconut meat. 
  • Add remaining coconut water (about a cup) along with a handful of coconut meat pieces and purée to get coconut milk. You don't need to sieve this milk since it is with tender coconut. Mix this with soaked chia. 
  • Chop the remaining coconut into fine bites and add that to the chia pudding.
  • Optionally you can serve topped fruit slices or just as is.

Note: If you do not get tender coconuts, you can substitute with homemade coconut milk and sweeten with honey.

Sharing on Raw Food Thursday


  1. This sounds so fresh and delicious! It is first on my list as soon as I finish my juice cleanse. What a pure, tasty way to break a fast! I'm sharing it tomorrow at Raw Foods Thursdays. Thanks so much for participating!


    1. Thanks Heather :-)
      Read about your juice cleanse, looking forward to read how it goes..


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