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Fig Coconut Oatmeal Breakfast Squares

My son's school has a visionary head of school who over the past few years has brought in revolutionary changes to their lunch menu. They buy only organic and local produce (as much as possible). The meat, poultry and diary they get is organic, humane and free range. They serve a nutritious and satisfying meal to kids with a variety of salads, soups, main courses, and desserts (mostly fruit based). They have a lot of options for vegans, vegetarians and flexible vegetarians (like my son). Something I really adore is their dessert serving size: as per my son they give a teeny tiny portion :-). That is quite in line with quick'n'healthy's dessert policy. The kids even get to eat pizza some days, but they stick to their ingredient standards.

Now, these are all positives that I like about the school. On a regular day, I don't have to worry about what my son will get to eat. Then there are socials, the Valentine's day party, Halloween party and more, where the school…

Soaked Grains/seeds Pancakes

Do you like freshly made fluffy & soft whole grain pancakes right off the pan? Would you also like to make it from scratch? No, not from any of those brand named pancake mixes that come in a box.... This one is made from whole grains/seeds like whole oats, brown rice, or buckwheat. You just need a little bit of planning, spend a few seconds the previous night to measure and soak the grains/seeds. Once you do that, then in the morning you can treat yourself and your family with these super soft and fluffy pancakes.

I do the grinding in my vitamix, but I would assume it should be easily done in a regular blender too since the grains are soaked. Total preparation time is around 30 minutes including the grinding and making the pancakes. I also managed to whip up the topping while I am waiting to flip each pancake. So even on a busy weekday morning you can enjoy these quick'n'healthy and satisfying breakfast :-). This is a neutral flavored basic pancake recipe. You can give it …

Jackfruit Mango Smoothie

This week we celebrated Vishu, our new year. Vishu is also our spring celebration in a way, with Konnapoo (yellow flowers - cassia fistula) blooming just for this season. It is also a celebration of tropical fruits like jackfruit and mango. Every Vishu we really miss jackfruit since we hardly find it here. This time we were lucky to find some in our Indian grocery store and we got home a big handsome jackfruit :-). After the hectic work of cutting it open, peeling the jackfruit arils off, and separating the seeds, we enjoyed about half of it just like that. With the remaining fruit, we are exploring other different ways to enjoy them. And why not, as jackfruit is very high in Vitamin C, rich in dietary fiber and a good source of potassium, magnesium and iron. In addition, Jack fruit is excellent for your gut and has very good gut cleansing properties. This is a smoothie with jackfruit and mango which are both in season now. So here is something refreshing and healthy for a reinvented …

Vishu Specials - Vishu Katta & Vishu Kanji

Happy Vishu to all Malayali friends and readers. I am sharing some Vishu specials today. These are not vishu dishes that I grew up eating, but have read about and heard about, and got to know more about them from fellow Malayali bloggers. The internet is so cool that way - you get to know about and adapt traditions that you never knew existed :-). We love almost everything that is made with coconut and here I am introducing two simple Vishu dishes, the Vishu Kanji and Vishu Katta. We love these simple dishes that are served as Vishu breakfast in some parts of Kerala and now it is part of our tradition as well.

Vishu Katta:

This is a simple dish made by cooking rice in coconut milk. Originally made with onakkalari, (raw unpolished rice) which is used for special preparations like this and also as an offering in temples. It is supposed to be served with jaggery syrup, but as my readers know, Quick'n'healthy does not promote sugar unless it is really required. This one tastes ver…

Quick'n'healthy Green Rolls

Looking for a cool, spicy way to eat collard greens? Here is a great idea... roll'em up with some cooked yam and dip them in a spicy chutney. It is flexible to be eaten as rolls or cut them up and eat them like sushi rolls. You can serve them as appetizer or snack or as a quick lunch like we do at quick'n'healthy kitchen :-) You can very well pack them in your lunch box. It is just like a salad, no warming up required, just grab them whenever you are hungry. So go ahead and try this plant-based, grain-free green rolls which do not require any refined flour/sugar/oil.

Ingredients:  Collard leaves - 5-6Yam/Taro or a combination - 2 medium or 3 smallGreen chilly - 2-3Ginger - 2 Tbs (chopped)Shredded coconut -1/4 cupHimalayan pink salt - as per tasteVirgin coconut oil - 2 TbsTurmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Directions: Grate the yam/taro, chop green chilly and ginger.Heat coconut oil in and saute green chilly and ginger for a few seconds. Add grated yam and cook covered on medium heat f…

Vishu Sadya

India welcomes the Spring season with great fervor which manifests itself as colorful festivals in the various parts of the country. In the south, the Malayalee New Year starts on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam, which is the astronomical New Year Day when the sun crosses the equator. This day is celebrated as Vishu by Malayalees. In the English calender, this usually falls on the 14th or 15th of April. The traditional rituals followed during the festival is believed to usher in another year of prosperity for all Malayalees.
We start early in the day with the 'Vishu Kani' (auspicious sight) and the belief is that by seeing auspicious things at the beginning of the year will ensure the rest of the year to be happy and bountiful. Thus the 'Vishu Kani' has over the years become a ritual arrangement of auspicious articles like 9 grains (nava-dhanyam), new clothes, gold, money, golden cucumber, mirror, the yellow 'konna' flowers (cassia fistula) and a holy…

Spinach-Berry-Kumato Smoothie

Sometimes you feel like you don't want to eat a bowl of salad, but there is an easier way to get those salad greens in ;-). Just blend them up in a smoothie. Here is one for those days. It has loads of spinach, good fat from almonds and protein from hemp hearts. It is sweetened just a little bit with the berries and the dates. 
For smoothie: Organic spinach - 1/2 pound Mixed frozen berries - 2 big handfulsKumato - 2 Raw almonds (soaked overnight) - 1/2 cupDates (soaked overnight) - 6Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) - 2-3 Tbs
Toppings: Raw hemp hearts - 3 Tbs Shredded coconut - 3-4 Tbs (optional)Directions: Add all smoothie ingredients along with 1 cup of filtered water and purée till nice and creamy. Add the toppings and serve. Servings: 3 medium or 2 large smoothies.

Tri-Color Raw Noodle Salad w/ Creamy Hot'n'Sweet Dressing

Looks like Spring is finally here. I love spring because everything about spring is positive, and it gives a spring to your legs with the warming weather and the nice fragrance of flowers blooming. You have bright mornings with birds chirping to wake you up, you can start walking or running outside, get some fresh air and sunlight, and of course you can increase your raw food intake :-). This is my first raw entrée of the season. A simple raw noodle salad with a hot'n'sweet dressing. Raw noodles here are spirooli sliced vegetables. The hot'n'sweet dressing is made with cashews, hemp and apple...., is the secret ingredient. Apple balances the heat from green chilly and the pungent taste from onion/garlic. I am sure this dressing will go well with a coleslaw and also as a dipping sauce with fresh veggies or wraps.

Tri-Color Raw Noodle Salad:Carrot - 2 large - sliced using spirooli slicerEnglish cucumber - 1 - sliced using spirooli slicerBaby spinach - 1 cup …