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Why I stopped eating Mozzarella Cheese

I have never been a huge fan of cheese, and the one cheese I like is mozzarella. My son likes many types of cheese, and mozzarella is his favorite too. It is only recently that we found out that mozzarella cheese is made using rennet, which is a complex of  enzymes from the fourth stomach chamber of a calf. Here is a link to information about rennet. I couldn't digest the fact that young calves were being killed to make cheese. When I was young, my family had cows and we used to treat the cows and their calves as part of the family. The cow will be milked only after the calf had its share and all kids used to love the calves so much. To even think of killing the poor little thing for my cheese is beyond me. Besides, cow is sacred for Hindus and consumption of beef is a strict no.
After hearing this, my son tried researching on cheese made with vegetarian rennet, which comes from certain plants that have the ability to coagulate milk. He found out that certain brands have vegetar…

Hot'n'Sweet Roasted Plantains

Here is one more savory snack that we tried out during our sugar challenge week. If I have to find similarities between Caribbean cuisine and Kerala cuisine, the first thing that comes to my mind would be the use of plantains, raw or ripe. Both cuisines use plantains in a variety of ways; steamed, baked or fried, and served alone, with fish or with anything else that you can think of :-).

What I have made here is a quick snack made with ripe plantains. This can be served as is for a quick energizing snack, or along with some scrambled eggs or cooked beans for a wholesome breakfast, or serve with a hearty salad for lunch or dinner. I would not serve rice or other grains along with this since plantains are already your source of carb for the meal and you don't need more of that :). If you love plantains you will love this one, if you don't, then this will make you hooked on to it... 
Ingredients:  Ripe plantains - 2Virgin coconut oil - 2 TbsRed onion - 1/2 cup choppedRed chilly - …

Mini Quinoa Cutlets

We were on a sugar challenge for a week inspired from the 'Fed-Up' sugar challenge. What is Fed-up? If you have not heard about the movie Fed-Up, please do check it out. Fed-up is a brave attempt from the producers of 'The Inconvenient Truth'  and is narrated by Katie Couric. It is an educational and inspirational movie for everyone, especially for parents trying to solve the obesity problem in America. Watch the official trailer here.

When we, the 3 souls at quick'n'healthy, go on a sugar challenge, what do we keep away from? Pretty much nothing actually, because our only consumption of direct sugar is in the form of organic coconut palm sugar and raw honey (both in moderation). Also, some concentrated fruit sugar in the form of dried fruits like dates, raisins, figs etc. Since we do not buy any store bought sauces, condiments or anything from a can or a bottle or packet, we do not consume any hidden sugar either. So just to be part of the community and to sup…

Injera - Ethiopian Fermented Flat Bread

In an Ethiopian restaurant you will see some similarities with a South Indian restaurant. Fermented sourdough crepes similar to South Indian dosas, the aroma of spices similar to indian spices, an array of vegetarian and meat side dishes eaten along with the crepes, and all enjoyed using your trusted fingers :-). There is one difference though. In an Ethiopian restaurant the waitress encourages you to eat with your hands and brings silverware only if you ask for it. The Indian restaurant on the other hand brings you silverware by default and you are not really encouraged to use your hands.

Anyway, today's post is not about these similarities or differences, it is about the fermented sourdough crepes/flat breads or Injeras. They are made with a sourdough batter made with teff which is naturally fermented. Teff leads all the grains, by a wide margin in its calcium content. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient not commonly found in grains. Teff is high in resistant…

Okra Theeyal

Do you miss curry leaves? I know you can get a pack of curry leaves for a dollar at any Indian grocery store nearby, but I am talking about the freshly picked tender curry leaves right off the plant. I dearly miss them and for some dishes, curry leaves elevates the dish to a different level. I am sure my Malayali friends and readers will agree with me. How do you get them though when you live in New England, especially when you do not have the green thumb to grow a plant yourself? That is what dear friends are for. I get my fresh supply of curry leaves whenever I visit this close friend who definitely has a green thumb and most importantly has a good heart to share these precious little leaves with me ;-). She takes so much care with the plant even nurturing it through the harsh winters.

Here is a dish that is very common in south Kerala, it can be made with a variety of vegetables like okra, eggplant, pearl onion, Indian yam or shrimp. It can be made without curry leaves and will sti…

Sprouted Mung Coconut Dosa

I have not posted a recipe for the about 3 weeks now. Yes, I was still cooking, and I was also coming across new quick'n'healthy recipes that were worth sharing. Just that I was trying to reduce my screen time for a while. I guess it is necessary sometimes to look up from the screen and see what is happening around you. This is very important when you work in the information technology field where you get paid for being hooked on to the screen :-). I have decided to reduce my screen time after work and I will be striving for an optimum social presence from now on.

Anyway coming to today's post, this is a slight variation of 'Pesarattu', the South Indian crepe made with whole mung beans. I am making it with sprouted mung beans and adding some coconut to the mix for some good fat and an extra flavor. Also, coconut has always been a never-fail addition for a good crepe.
Organic whole mung - 1 cupShredded coconut - 1/2 cupGreen chilly - 2-3Sea salt - as pe…