June 11, 2014

Watermelon Avocado Mint Salad

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you think about summer? Watermelon should be one of them right? We buy and eat a lot of watermelon during the season. Watermelon juices, granitas, slushies, salads or cut them up and enjoy just like that. Mint is probably the best thing that can pair up with watermelon, be it in a juice or in a salad, and so is avocado. So here is a salad that is very much 'summery' using the whole of the watermelon (including the rind) along with mint and avocado. We can eat just this salad for days and forget that there are other things to eat :-)

  • Watermelon (red flesh) - 3 cups (cubed)
  • Watermelon rind (white flesh) - 2 cups (cubed)
  • Avocado - 2 (medium ripe) 
  • Mint - 8-10 stems 
  • Dice watermelon into small cubes.
  • Chop watermelon rind into smaller cubes. You can also substitute watermelon rind with cucumber.
  • Take avocado meat and dice into small cubes. 
  • Take out mint leaves and chop them fine.
  • Mix well, toss with the freshly whisked onion dressing. 
  • Enjoy on a sunny summer afternoon !!

  • Red onion - 1/2 medium
  • Apple cider vinegar - 1 Tbs
  • Lemon juice - 2-3 Tbs
  • EV olive oil - 2 Tbs 
  • Himalayan pink salt  - as per taste
  • Green chilly - 2-3 

  • Chop the red onions really fine. Add all other ingredients and mix well.
  • Keep aside while you prepare the salad.            

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