January 29, 2015

Cherry Berry Acai Bowl - Return of the Acai Bowl

The latest news around our block is that there are more and more organic products showing up in our local Costco shelves.  Our newest find is a pack of frozen organic wild blueberries. Organic blueberries are probably the hardest to find in these parts even in summer, forget about the winter time. I am so glad because blueberries are so good for you and they make for some great smoothies. Here is our newest version of the Acai bowl made with blueberries and cherries...a lighter, yummier version of acai bowl breakfast for a busy weekday morning!!

  • Organic blueberries - 1 cup (fresh or frozen)
  • Organic cherries - 1 cup (fresh or frozen)
  • Organic dates - 5-6 
  • Coconut water - 1 cup
  • Home made granola - 1 cup (get recipe here) 
  • Banana - 1 


  • Add everything except banana and granola to a blender and process to get a smoothie.
  • Divide into bowls, serve topped with granola and sliced bananas. 
  • Makes about 3 servings. Enjoy!

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