May 3, 2016

Coffee Bites

For the coffee lover traveler looking for a good bite, here is something just for you. When I am on travel or just on a long drive I like to carry a bunch of homemade goodies with me that I can reach out when I need a quick bite. Usually I make small bite sized bars or balls which give you some quick energy. Here is a recent addition that was added to that collection. This one is for the coffee lovers who like good coffee flavor and are looking for a quick coffee feel without the diary and sugar that goes with a cup of coffee. Made with organic German instant coffee powder and pure raw cacao powder, and sweetened with only dates. Clean, gluten-free, diary free, no-sugar-added snack coffee bites for your long afternoons at work, for long drives, pre-workout or any time you need a quick bite, a coffee bite. 

  • Almonds - 1 cup
  • Dates - 1 cup packed
  • Organic instant coffee powder - 1 Tbs
  • Cacao powder - 2 Tbs
  • Himalayan pink salt - a pinch
  • Pulse almonds in a food processor or blender to almond meal consistency.
  • Add dates and process till dates and mashed and binds everything together.
  • Add remaining ingredients and continue till everything together forms sort if a dough. 
  • Make small walnut sized balls and roll them using your palms. 
  • Store in an air tight container.
  • Makes about 24 balls. Enjoy!! 

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