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Meditteranean Barley Pilaf

There are some recipes that you adapt from a friend, from a cookbook or from the web, and your family loves it so much that you keep making it again and again. You add your touches to it and at some point you start owning the recipe. This pilaf is one such recipe, which I had made a few years back for a   Meditterarean themed lunch. This can be made with farro as well, though barley has a better taste and texture. The use of fennel complements the spices and mint sauce well, but if you are not sure about fennel, you can omit and just use onion alone. This can be served as a full meal which is full of flavor and is made with wholesome ingredients. This is best served warm or at room temperature and hence is very ideal to take to pot-luck parties. 
Ingredients: Barley - 1 cup (soaked overnight)Black chickpea - 1/2 cup (soaked overnight)Bay leaf - 1Black pepper - 1/2 tsp (crushed)Sea salt - as per tasteMasala powder - 1-2 Tbs (see below for proportion)Red onion - 1Fennel - 1 bulbEV olive o…