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Spaghetti Squash Lemon Rice

Here is one recipe that has become popular in the quicknhealthy kitchen in the recent past. All of us like lemon rice, especially my son who loves it with extra lemon in his serving. Though when we eat lemon rice as it is, we tend to consume a lot of rice. So I was looking for an alternative to rice or even something that can partially replace the rice. That is where spaghetti squash comes into the picture. So the property of spaghetti squash that separates into noodle like strands when cooked is made to good use in the recipe. When cubes of squash is cooked, you get something similar to long grain yellow rice, which is perfect for replacing some amount of rice in the lemon rice, while also adding the extra yellow color as well. So now you can have a lil extra serving of lemon rice without worrying about eating too much rice. 
Ingredients: Spaghetti Squash- 1 mediumCoconut oil - 1 TbsRice - 3/4 cupLemon - 1 largeGreen chilly - 2-3Mustard seeds -1 tspCoconut oil - 1 TbsAsaphoetida- a pin…