We try to buy organic ingredients as much as possible. If we don't get organic, we make sure it is non-GMO. We used to shop a lot at Costco and still go there to buy certain products. Have been pleasantly surprised of late as we have been seeing a lot of organic and non-GMO verified grocery at Costco. We buy our produce from a few different places, starting with our local farmer's market and our local vegetable stand (most of summer), Wholefoods market, Costco and the local Indian grocery store. Some of my readers have been asking me to put a section to list out the ingredients and where I buy each of them, and so I am trying to consolidate them here. This will be an ongoing list and I will keep adding to this list as and when I get feedback from readers for more products that they need info on. 

  •  Organic Indian Pulses: 
    • Brand is "24 letter mantra" : ==> their quality is very good, when compared to what we get from the local Indian store
    • Wholefoods bulk section will have some of the Indian pulses, you will just need to look at your local Wholefoods market. If they have it in bulk section, it is usually cheaper than Amazon.

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